Labyrinth Du Pan The Movie

A beautiful moving movie directed by Guillermo Del Toro set in Spain 1944 after the end of the second world war. First released in November 2006, this film is available on dvd and is highly recommended.Designated not suitable for children under 12 years old however.

A story about a lady Carmen played by Gil Ariadna who remarries and moves with her new husband along with her daughter Ofelia played by Baquero Ivana .

The Father, Vidal ( Sergi López ) is very strict but Ofelia finds escape and solace in a mysterious labyrinthe she discovers near their large estate.

It is there that she meets the guardian of the labyrinthe, the magical and maybe a little demonic Pan (Doug Jones )who reveals to Ofelia that she is none other than a missing Princess of a Magical Kingdom.

Ofelia is then given 3 dangerous taks to uncover the truth.

This is a wonderful charming movie that will appeal to everyone.

It combines magic, suspense and although there is plenty of violence, the movie maintains it's wonderful surreal atmosphere throughout.This is not a fairytale story but a pragmatic delicate tale weaved against the background of war and Franco Spain


Ivana Baquero
Role: Ofelia

Sergi López
Role: Captain Vidal

Doug Jones
Role: Pan / The Pale Man

Ariadna Gil
Role: Carmen

Maribel Verdú
Role: Mercedes

Alex Angulo
Role: Doctor

Roger Casamajor
Role: Pedro

César Vea
Role: Serrano

Federico Luppi
Role: Casares

Manolo Solo
Role: Garcés

Actor Sebastián Haro
Actress Mina Lira
Actor Ivan Massagué
Actor Chema Ruiz
Actor Milo Taboada
Producer Guillermo del Toro
Producer Frida Torresblanco
Producer Bertha Navarro
Producer Alfonso Cuaron
Producer Alvaro Augustin
Corporate activities
Production Tequila Gang
Production Esperanto Filmoj
Production Estudios Piccaso
Export / International Distribution Picturehouse Entertainment LLC
Export / International Distribution Warner Bros..
Export / International Distribution Wild Bunch
Visual effects Cafe FX

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